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Published Works Cover Page: You Say So The Trial Of Jesus Of Nazareth book cover by D. C. Thielmann
“You Say So”: The Trial of Jesus of Nazareth

The matter of correctly understanding the betrayal, arrest, trial, and crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth in its historical reality is more important in today’s modern society than ever before in history. The reason being is that the Jewish people in general have suffered much at the hands of Christians over the centuries since these events of the early first century CE occurred simply because of how these events came to be portrayed in the New Testament, and interpreted throughout the centuries since. In essence, it is pointless to debate whether or not the New Testament contains Anti-Semitism!

“Whether it is Jesus’ association with and views on women or how he portrayed Jewish kosher dietary laws, among other topics, the duration of the text is a clear-cut assessment refuting the premise that Jesus deviated from Jewish law and attempted to abrogate the Torah. Overall, Thielmann’s piece exudes an aura of clarity that allows even the most complex of arguments to be easily processed and applied into one’s understanding of Jesus’ trial and crucifixion.”

~ Comments by: Mihir Shah of The US Review of Books

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On Earth As It Is In Heaven

Jesus of Nazareth was a first century Palestinian Jew wholly dedicated to his Judaism who arose during a turbulent period of history for the Jewish people living under the oppression of the Roman Empire. From his brief few years of ministry to his oppressed brethren, a new religion of Christianity came into being. But does modern Christianity accurately understand Jesus’ charismatic life, teachings, and overall goal in God’s ultimately plan for mankind that Jesus so eloquently spelled out in the Lord’s Prayer – to bring about life On Earth As It Is In Heaven? For nearly 2000 years followers of this charismatic rabbi have awaited his promised return to usher in God’s promised Messianic era. During the first few centuries following the crucifixion, resurrection, and Jesus’ ascension into Heaven the delay in his promised return brought about changes by his later followers, not only to Jesus’ overall message, but also brought about changes in the accurate portrait of who Jesus was historically, and thereby, brought about the misunderstanding of God’s ultimately plan for mankind that Jesus preached about. Correctly understanding the changes that were made to the historical Jesus and his message is essential for all modern followers of Jesus in order to correctly understand God’s ultimate plan for mankind. On Earth As It Is In Heaven covers all of these alterations to Jesus’ message as well as accurately portraying the historical Jesus in the context of God’s ultimate plan for mankind.

Published Works Cover Page: On Earth As It Is In Heaven Volume I book cover by D. C. Thielmann
Volume I

The Hebrew language is a very idiomatic language. Thus it becomes quite obvious that the Bible, in its original language of Hebrew, contains much idiomatic language. Therefore, the single greatest error that can be made by any translator is to translate this idiomatic language literally. Furthermore, to read this idiomatic language literally is a surefire way of misunderstanding the prophets’ revelation. But, yet, this is exactly what has happened to the majority of readers of the Bible. They have either forgotten, or do not know about this cardinal sin and have therefore, succumb to thinking about ultimate issues in the Bible with literal-minded imaginations. What happens then is exactly what was mentioned above – verses are taken completely out of context and then misrepresent the genuine meaning of what the prophets of God were trying to express. The Hebrew language is a very ancient language and one of the most difficult languages to learn. The language, over the millenniums has undergone many changes. This is why it becomes extremely important to study and learn the etymology of the language while learning how to read it. It is also essential to remember that the period of time in which the Biblical books were written covers a period of history of more than 1500 years. This period ranges from Moses and the exile from Egypt, to the post Babylonian exile. This is an important key to knowing and understanding the original correct meanings of particular words of the Bible.

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Published Works Cover Page: On Earth As It Is In Heaven Volume II book cover by D. C. Thielmann
Volume II

Over the last few centuries and even more so over the last few decades, more and more biblical scholars have begun to detach themselves from the very subject matter from which they have achieved scholarly acclaim. What they are doing is virtually applying a paleontological method of study to religion and treating religion like it was a fossil, which needs to be extricated from the stone it is embedded in before it can be studied. Either that or they will treat religion like some exotic plant found in some exotic land, which they found on an expedition and brought it home to show everyone. Using the same categories as students of anthropology, some biblical scholars treat the study of religion as if religion were characterized as nothing but primitive rituals and beliefs, and human nature today can only be understood by what was revealed in man’s primitive stage. They are guided by a thinking, which glorifies primeval man when he was in that stage of being natural and unspoiled, so to speak, by the world of civilized life. Thus, the only thing they are able to accomplish is to understand what the prophets said in terms of the savage, and they are missing out on the understanding of what the prophets said in terms of civilized man.

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