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D. C. Thielmann - Biblical Scholar & Author

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D. C. Thielmann is an independent, unbiased, critical scholar of Scripture with over forty years of study into the etymology and idioms of Biblical Hebrew, Koine Greek, the rise and history of Rabbinic Judaism (including the study of the Mishnah and Talmuds), the rise of the Early Church into its present form of modern Christianity, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and the culture and living conditions of the First Century Palestinian Jewish people.
Baptized a Methodist, and a Stephen Minister, D. C. Thielmann incorporates these studies to provide his own translations and interpretations of Scripture, in order to bring about a more accurate portrait of the historical Jesus and his overall ministry as well as Jesus’ role in God’s ultimate plan for mankind in his first book, On Earth As It Is In Heaven.

Dear Readers,

I want to welcome you to my website and take this opportunity to provide a little bit of my background in my years of studies of Scripture. At the age of sixteen, as a junior in high school, family circumstances arose that forced me to leave high school and begin working. Thus, similarly to Abraham Lincoln, I was never able to return to school to receive a more formal education in the subject I enjoyed studying; the Bible. Instead, just as Abraham Lincoln did, I pursue those higher education studies during my own free time.

With this educational background in mind, many have asked me, just as many more will ask, “What right do you have in writing books, especially on such an in-depth topic as the Bible, God, and His Word, when you have never been formally educated into this subject? How can you, who has never been formally educated on this subject, know enough about the subject to write a book?”

I have always answered such questions by noting, not only Abraham Lincoln’s achievements, but also by pointing out that the same accusative questions were asked of Jesus, (Mark 11:27-33; Matthew 21:23-27; Luke 20:1-8 for example), and therefore, it was for this very reason that I felt it necessary to write books from the viewpoint of someone who was believed to be just a common man – a viewpoint of just one of God’s simple servants who was never formally educated into the subject.

My books are written to demonstrate to other common men, (who likewise never had the opportunity to receive a formal education in the subject), that they too can gain in-depth knowledge of the subject by way of informal education through God’s help. For throughout Scripture, one can find that God has always sought out and utilized the simple common man as his servant(s) to write down His Word.

Although, there are several other reasons for my writing books about Scripture. One of which is that there are many Christians in the world who have questions, such as I did, about their own faith, but do not know how or where to look for answers to those questions. My books are written to help such individuals answer their questions.

Another reason I write my books about Scripture is that I write them for even the most devout of Christians; those individuals who have never once thought to ever have any questions about their faith. Individuals who have instead let other individuals, (individuals who themselves have never considered asking any questions about their own faith), then quite often lead them into erroneous conclusions as to what the Bible really says.

I, therefore, write books about Scripture for the purpose of being informative and eye opening to others in regards to my own personal quest for answers to my own questions with hopes that the answers I have found may enlighten others.

If at times what I have written appears to be offensive to my Christian readers, I remind them of the teaching that, “to everything, there is a season, and a time to every purpose” (Ecclesiastes 3:1), including times when one must appear to be offensive to others in order to gain enough of their attention to give instruction.

My hopes and my prayers are that I may be an inspiration to all who read what I write in my books.

D. C. Thielmann